Configure your Outbound Schedule

Your Outbound Schedule is a time window you specify that is dedicated to generating automatic callbacks.
Whenever there is an unfinished lead (like a Call-me-Now request that wasn't picked up by the customer who requested it), Whisbi's technology will make an automatic callback to the customer based on four parameters:

  • Minimum number of available agents: This is the number of agents that should be ready in Whisbi Desktop to receive calls.
  • Maximum number of attempts: This is the maximum number of attempts that can be performed per lead.
  • Lead's lifespan: This is the number of days a lead can be considered valid. After that it expires.
  • Outbound Schedule: The time window specified in which automatic call backs will be generated.

You can define the Lead's life span and Maximum number of attempts in the Widget's configuration. Learn more about this in this Help Center article.

These configurations have been arranged with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) during the Service Configuration process. If you wish to adjust those settings send an email to your dedicated CSM or through

However, if you only want to change your Outbound Schedule or remove it temporarily you can do so by following these steps.

Go to Whisbi Deck and hover the mouse over your name, at the top right corner, to click on "Settings".

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On the settings page click "Account Settings", then enter editing mode by clicking "Edit" and "Show advanced settings".

After the advanced settings appear, scroll down until you find the "Outbound Schedule" and select/deselect the slots to configure the schedule. Once you are finished, scroll down and click "Done" to save the changes.

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