Live-streaming has become a popular channel for brands to communicate with their online visitors. Besides this, online visitors became familiar with the concept of live-streaming and perceive this channel as interactive and informative. In that regards, Customers often want to use several ways to promote at once including not only the actual broadcast but also through advertisements.


The main goal for many of our clients is to increase the number of buyers and to engage website visitors. 


Adspaces was created to empower brand managers to display advertisement space within a broadcast to promote. At its heart, Ad Spaces is a customization tool that allows for customized adverts with customizable call to actions. 

How to use it: 

How to select and broadcast Ad Spaces in Android:

This experience is directed towards the broadcasters who will be presenting during the broadcast. The presenter can select which Ad Spaces to display during broadcast.


  • Presenters can only select which Ad Spaces to display before starting the broadcast
  • Each Ad Space must be first created by one of our Whisbi Adminstrators in order for the presenter to select and display them during broadcast. Please get in contact with your Whisbi Adminstrator for more information.
  • Adspace works best with users that have access to only one campaign.


1. Make sure to log in to the Broadcast Android app with your Whisbi user account.

2. Below the ‘Channels’ section, you can see a section called ‘Content Uploads’

3. Click on ‘Ad Spaces’ below ‘Content Uploads’. 

4. You will open the ‘Ad Spaces’ page. If there are no Ad Spaces created, you will see the screen below. Disclaimer: You need to first have an Ad Space created before selecting it in the Broadcast App. Please get in touch with your Whisbi Administrator to create Ad Spaces for your account.

5. Once Ad Spaces are created, select the Ad Space to be displayed during broadcast and click ´Share Ad Space´ and agree.

6. Finally you can start your broadcast and the selected Ad Space will be visible automatically to your web visitors.