Agent inactivity


For security reasons, agents cannot receive new requests 8 hours after their last activity. This is done on purpose to protect sensitive data. While it may take longer to set agent availability each time, the timeout feature is designed to protect your data and ensure that only approved users can access this information.


Agents were often not aware that the time out for inactivity has passed and new requests will not be received.


We improved the overall user experience after the 8 hours inactivity time out has passed. The agent status is automatically set to ´Inactive´ and the relevant information is displayed on the screen, allowing the user to return to the available status with one click and continue receiving new requests.

How does it work?

  1. Log in to the Agent desktop.
  2. When the time out has passed you will receive the following information.
  3. Click ´Set my status to “Available”´ to become an available agent and receive new requests.
  4. Click ´Log out´ if you would like to log out.