Agent status

Agents are able to manually change the status and affect their availability for customers


Customers, who are visiting the website and open Whisbi widget can see who exactly is available with the agent’s name and photo representation. They often rely on this information having in mind that available agents should pick up their request immediately.


Customers want to know if there is an agent available at a specific moment when they send the request. On the other hand, agents want to be able to communicate somehow that they can’t start the new session as they are already during another call or just have a break.


The agent´s status changes automatically once the agent is during the session. The change is reflected also on the widget side so that the customer will not see this agent available anymore. On the other hand, the agent can change his status manually if he is during a break (manual change is not possible with CTI). The status can be changed manually only if the agent is outside of the active session. If there is at least one agent available then all agents can see and pick up the request even if they are “busy” to make sure that request will not be missed. If there is no available agent then the customer will be informed accordingly.