Agent teams – Agent Android

Select a specialized agent team to serve a specific group of your customers


Medium and large companies often form evolved agent structures specialized in different brands or products. Sometimes they represent specific stores placed in many physical locations. On the other hand, there are customers interested in some products/brands or they just live nearby one of the shops. This traffic could be matched with the respective agent’s teams to increase overall efficiency.


  1. There are groups of agents specialized only in certain brands or products. The agent was not able to accept the request only from customers whose interest refers to the specific agent’s specialization. 
  2. If agents are located in many different physical stores, the requests could not be distributed according to defined rules, e.g. send a request to the closest shop first. 


Agents can be assigned to one or many teams based on their location and product expertise. Requests are sorted based on the landing page the customer comes from, e.g. the request is sent from the website where the specific car is presented. In this way, the system is matching the customer’s interest with the agent’s specializations to make the sales process even more efficient.

How to use it?

  • Log in to Whisbi Agent
  • Click on the agent’s profile
  • Click “Team Configuration” button
  • Select teams you want to be assigned to
  • Receive requests only from websites assigned to selected teams


  • Available for all users