Call transfer


The customers of enterprise-level brands are trying to reach a brand through many different support and sales channels, for example, via email, by phone or chat system on the website.


The problem of having many different support and sales channels is that customers get confused and end up contacting the wrong support or sales channel.


Being able to switch from sales to a support channel by easily connecting with a support agent within the same company, so that you have more time to handle sales requests.

Requirements and limitations

  • The call transfer needs to be executed on the agent’s phone.
  • The agent’s phone needs to be able to transfer a call.
  • Dialling a phone number should be done through the agent’s phone, not the Agent Desktop.
  • After manually transferring a call through an agent’s phone, the customer session within the Agent Desktop is still open. The agent can close the session by setting a result and ending the session.
  • The agent is only able to handle new incoming requests when the session of the transferred call is ended with a set result.
  • Call transfer can only happen once within a customer session 

How to transfer a call?

1. To be able to transfer a call you need to be on a phone call within a customer session in the Agent Desktop.

2. The transfer call functionality needs to be activated on an account level. Make sure to contact your call centre manager or Customer Success Manager at Whisbi to activate the functionality.

3. When on a phone call with a customer (in a session) and the ‘Transfer Call’ functionality enabled, you will see the following button enabled:

4. When clicking on ‘Transfer Call’ you will have the choice to dismiss or click on ‘Internal transfer’ to start transferring a call.

5. When clicking on ‘Internal transfer’ the following screen appears:

6. Enter the phone number on your own phone to transfer the call.

7. Once you started dialling the phone number click on ‘Next’.

8. Confirm that the other agent is talking with the customer by clicking on ‘Yes’:

9. You will see a confirmation screen that the customer has been transferred and the phone call got ended. The session will not end until the agent does so.

10. When you click on ‘OK’ you will see the overview screen with a status ‘Call transferred’.