Using external cameras

Show products and offers via live video, using your external digital cameras.


Customers don’t have a lot of time to go to the store or to do their own research on products and services they want or need. Customers also want to know how the product or service works and looks like to get a good impression of a product or before buying.

Agents sell better when they can talk about the features and details while showing the product. 


While presenting the products and offers via their phone or computers, agents are quite restricted as in the viewing angle that they can show and also have at least one hand busy holding the device.


Sharing the showroom has never been easier in the Agent Android app since we added the “External cameras” functionality native in the app. One- click sharing through the same device.

How to start sharing the showroom?

  • Log in to the “Agent by Whisbi” on Android
  • Once in a session with a customer, click on “Share Showroom”:
  • Once in “Share Showroom”, you will have 2 options: Sharing as usual from your phone or the new “External cameras” option.
  • The list of all your external cameras will appear here, and you can select the one you want to share from. In this example there is only 1 camera to show, but if you have more they will show below.
  • Notice that on this screen you only see what your external camera is showing. In order to actively start sharing, you need to click on “Share Showroom”.
  • You can also decide to share from different camera during the same session. For this, you need to click on “External cameras” again, which will open the same screen as above.
  • In order to stop sharing, you should click on “Stop Share Showroom”.
  • You will get asked once more before finally stopping the share.