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App versions

Downloading and installing Broadcast by Whisbi iOS in the App Store

Visit the App Store on an iOS device to view or download the ‘Broadcast by Whisbi’ iOS app:

App version 3.9.3

Date: 2022-03-15

On this release we fixed a bug for presenters to automatically connect their bluetooth device without an interruption in live broadcast.

App version 3.9.2

Date: 2022-02-24

On this release we took a preventive action to provide seamless experience while ending broadcast.

App version 3.9.1

Date: 2022-02-03

On this release we added a notification for closed captions activation. iOS 15 users must enable dictation in the device to use Closed Captions.

App version 3.9.0

Date: 2022-01-24

We have provided a configuration feature to enable Closed Captions from your app. Please note that, only English-US is supported for Closed Captions currently. We also fixed some bugs to provide better experience in our app!

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.8.0

Date: 2021-12-16

On this release we improved the user experience of our existing share video content functionality. You can now see the video loading percentage and the status of loading action on the home screen! Please note that you can upload only one video at a time and up to 4 videos per user account.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.7.0

Date: 2021-11-03

Release note

On this release, we did two improvements:

  • The error handling, you can now expect a timestamp attached whenever you send the email to support.
  • The external camera is now working fine with iOS 15.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.6.0

Date: 2021-10-18

In this version, we made it possible to use English closed captioning (CC) on top of your live stream. Closed captions are an audio-to-text capability that is configurable from the Broadcast App, as well for the end viewer.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.5.0

Date: 2021-10-04

In this release, we made it possible to upload videos and share them on top of your broadcast.

Navigate to ‘Content Uploads’ and ‘Videos’ to start uploading videos. And share your uploaded videos during the live broadcast by clicking ‘Share Content’ in the bottom bar.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.4.0

Date: 2021-05-13

We improved the error messaging in the app so that you get a better understanding of what went wrong and what specific actions you should take. We also created a direct hook for critical errors so you can directly contact our support team.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.3.0

Date: 2021-04-13

Blurred background & Improved Error messaging logic
In this release, we made it possible to apply a blurred background behind the video to improve the viewing experience for your audience.

Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Configuration’ to enable this feature.

Besides this, we improved the logic behind the error messages so that you won’t get disturbed during your broadcast.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.2.0

Date: 2021-01-20

Improvement that allows customers to use independent regions to increase system scalability.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.1.0

Date: 2020-12-21

Broadcast by Whisbi 3.1.0 improves the performance of the broadcast by reducing lags and streaming cuts for viewers.

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 3.0.0

Date: 2020-12-01

Broadcast by Whisbi 3.0 consolidates experience and performance improvements for the following areas on a new architecture.

  • Authentication by region
  • New streamer/moderator mode selection UI
  • New mobile, web and HD bitrates
  • Network bandwidth alerts
  • Quality changes during broadcast
  • Real time messaging
  • Recover session after stream cut
  • State management for lock screen, background, airplane mode
  • Test your bandwidth before and during streaming

It also contains compatibility updates for the following features

  • Block users update
  • Block words update
  • Sensitive data obscuring update
  • Bluetooth audio update
  • External cameras update

Reach out to your Whisbi account manager or to learn more about this release.

App version 2.4.0

Date: 2020-11-17

Improved stream state management.
Reach out to your contact at Whisbi or the support team ( if you want to know more about this release.

App version 2.3.0

Date: 2020-10-29

We now alert you when we identify that your network bandwidth changes during the broadcast.

Also, we give you the possibility to change the quality during the broadcast via ‘Settings’ in the left bottom corner.

Reach out to your contact at Whisbi or the support team ( if you want to know more about this release.

App version 2.2.0

Date: 2020-09-10

Improvements on error handling while performing a broadcast.

App version 2.1.0

Date: 2020-08-12

Improvements to user management in comments

App version 2.0.5

Date: 2020-05-08
Use multiple external cameras during a broadcast for a professional studio setup. What’s new?

  • Support for multiple external cameras, so you can show different pre-set shot angles during your broadcast.

App version 2.0.4

Date: 2020-04-26

  • Keep control of your incoming questions by scrolling to the comment that you are reading or handling, so you won’t get distracted by new comments.
  • Make sure that before you start a broadcast you pick the right quality according to your network availability, the data rate won’t adjust once the broadcast starts.

App version 2.0.3

Date: 2020-04-20

  • Recover dropped broadcast immediately from the broadcasting device
  • Enable broadcaster’s mirrored video to be seen as un-mirrored by the end viewer


On low stability networks, variations in upload data rates can cause broadcast streams to drop.


We introduce the new setting for immediate broadcast recovery after a drop:

“Recover broadcast on this device”

By enabling this setting you will be able to recover a broadcast stream that was started from THIS DEVICE. If you are broadcasting with other presenters, they will be automatically connected to the recovered broadcast stream.

App version 2.0.2

Date: 2020-04-07

  • Recover or close an open/previous broadcast session with the same broadcasting device when your network gets cut or you lose your internet connection. 
  • The time counter of the broadcast when you recover a session now works simultaneously. 
  • A login issue was fixed where various presenters couldn’t login into the previous app version.


As a broadcaster when I stream from home, drops and cuts in my network are likely to happen. When this happens, I often have to wait for 5-10 minutes to restart a broadcast (while the session is cleared from the servers). I want to restart my broadcast immediately so that my audience has a better experience.


Using the same device from which the broadcast was initiated, we allow the user to log in again, and recover a broadcast session immediately so that they can continue to stream with the same audience, questions and session timings.

We also allow the user to actively terminate a broadcasting session after logging in again, to handle other situations where another broadcaster on another device is scheduled to start on the same channel.

App version 2.0

Date: 2020-03-31

  • Streaming improvements to be able to stream from a low bitrate quality in a remote or home environment.
  • Improved stream state handling, for pauses, and when the app goes to background or lock screen during a broadcast.
  • Test your bandwidth connection before the broadcast starts.
  • UI improvements throughout the broadcast flow.

Streaming improvements for remote and home environments:

Problem: Because of COVID-19 a lot of broadcasts moved to home environments with internet connections that are shared with multiple people and devices. Shared internet connections are known for their changes in bandwidth and so, have an impact on your broadcast. 

Solution: By reducing the size of outgoing streams with optimized bitrates and a simplified architecture the bandwidth has fewer bits to process and we are likely to use less bandwidth. 

Conditions: The streaming improvements are not solving the problem of having multiple people and devices sharing a network. We still suggest you use a dedicated Wi-Fi network for stability. 

Improved stream state handling, for pauses and when the app goes to background or lock screen during a broadcast:

Problem: While performing a broadcast from home or remote locations it can occur that you need to change your audio or network while broadcasting or even just pausing the broadcast. This affects the viewer in the end experience as well by just seeing the broadcaster struggle. 

Solution: We redesigned the streaming format so that the broadcaster can pause the stream and the viewer is immediately shown a single pause message so that the viewer can easily understand the state of the live stream.

Test your bandwidth connection before the broadcast starts:

Problem: As a broadcaster, if I am streaming at a quality whose bitrate exceeds my connection’s upload bandwidth, my stream will get disconnected. This is frustrating for both the broadcaster and the viewers.

Solution: We introduce a simple upload bandwidth tester in the quality settings panel so that a broadcaster can judge if they have selected the right bandwidth for their connection before starting to stream.

Conditions: The bandwidth tester gives a visual confirmation that enough bandwidth is available. It does not select the quality for you. We leave this to the broadcaster’s good judgment of their conditions.

When this is combined with the new ultra-low bandwidth (280kbps) for our “Low quality” setting, we can expect to improve the stability of broadcasts.

Broadcaster beware: When a stream does get cut, it still takes approx. ten minutes to clear the network of viewers to end the session and close all data points. During this time, login to the same session does not work, and users may see a black screen on the broadcast web page.

We have performing upgrades to all our streaming network in order to eliminate the necessity to wait, and we ask broadcasters to bear with us until we can release these changes – as you may empathize, this is a high priority for us and we are doing our best and fastest under the COVID-19 conditions of confinement.

UI improvements throughout the broadcast flow:

Problem: The presenter or camera operator needs to perform simple actions in order to keep control over the broadcast and not have to impact the user experience for the viewer. 

Solution: The camera and comments view is ordered above each other, so the comments are bigger and the camera view is centered in front of the camera. Buttons are bigger, so you can perform an easy action during or before the broadcast.

App version 1.16.3

Date: 2020-02-07

  • Maintain broadcast session when the screen is accidentally locked
  • Enable Bluetooth microphones
  • Enable multiple external cameras

Problem 1

The screen of the broadcasting device gets locked while a presenter is preparing for a broadcast.

Solution 1

We handle device screen states for auto-lock and manual lock so that the broadcast session being prepared stays alive and cameras reactivate after the app comes back to the foreground.

Problem 2

As a presenter, I want mobility away from the device while speaking.

Solution 2

We activate Bluetooth microphone devices.

Problem 3

As a broadcaster, I want to use external cameras from fixed positions.

Solution 3

We enable support for multiple external cameras in a simple selection menu.

App version 1.13.0

Date: 2019-12-21

  • Support for streaming over cellular 4G-network
  • Enable Adaptive Bit Rate for the broadcast viewers
  • Join the broadcast as a presenter or moderator
  • Support for blocking users and words
  • Support for multiple sign-in
  • Support for the iOS-home button of the latest models
  • Enable different preset quality settings for the broadcast

Problem 1

Maintaining a solid Wi-fi is getting hard when the camera operator is moving around or is filming at different locations.

Solution 1

Being able to stream to your viewers over a 4G-network.

Problem 2

The viewers of the various broadcasts have different network situations.

Solution 2

Adaptive Bit Rate enables different streaming qualities for different network situations.

Problem 3

As a presenter, you don’t have the time during a broadcast to move around the camera to answer viewer questions.

Solution 3

Presenter mode enables presenters and moderators to join the broadcast to manage incoming questions.

Problem 4

As a presenter or moderator, I don’t want offending words or users blocking the broadcast experience.

Solution 4

Block users with a simple gesture (1-tap) and block words on the forehand of the broadcast.

Problem 5

As a project manager, I want to broadcast on two channels at the same time with the same account.

Solution 5

Allowing multiple sign-in to broadcast on different channels with the same account.

Problem 6

The new iOS-home button causes a background situation of the app when slightly touching the button.

Solution 6

An adjusted design that respects the new iOS-home button.

Problem 7

Your Wi-Fi isn’t stable enough to stream on high quality or the outgoing data is limited.

Solution 7

3 quality settings for a low, medium and high quality of a broadcast, so you can even broadcast with your limited Wi-FI.