Block Users

‘Communicate with your audience in a way that is brand-safe’

Open platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram offer live broadcasting. The open broadcast platforms allow you to broadcast but don’t comply with the brand requirements that enterprise-level companies need.


Brands don’t realize the impact of a live crowd and the lack of control on brand values, reputation, and communication on open broadcast platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Often, the brands realize too late that live broadcasting on open platforms is not brand-safe and that it already negatively impacted the online reputation.


Block users that are intrusive, offensive or damaging to the brand or don’t comply with the company’s policy.

How to start blocking users?

Block users:

  • When you are in a session and comments come through, you can swipe to the left on a comment to see the option to block a specific user. After blocking a user the user will not be able to respond and the presenter will see the comments of the user transparent and disabled. 
  • You can also block users in the new feature called ‘Presenter mode’. The workflow is the same.
Block users workflow