Add Bookmarks to launch websites which you use every day during your sales


Nowadays the offers include a high number of product details and price variations. Agents often need to check available product configurations on their websites to propose the best fit for the customer. 


Agents can’t define the list of frequently visited websites in one place to be able to launch them quickly and search for relevant information during the sales process.


The new bookmark feature allows the agent to define bookmarks for the most important websites within the Whisbi tool so that it’s very easy and quick to find desirable information anytime during the sales process without interruption. The chosen website is launched after one-click interaction.

You can use defined bookmarks in the Agent iOS app to share the website without typing the address manually. Find more information here.

How to use it?

1. Log in to Agent on iOS
2. Click the “Bookmarks” tab

3. Click the “Add Bookmark” button and add the bookmark by setting the title and providing the URL

4. Give the bookmark a name/title

5. Fill in the URL with the HTTPS://www.(WEBSITE).(EXTENSION) format, for example:

6. Open the bookmark that you just created (see below: green box named ‘Whisbi’ as the bookmark):

7. View the bookmark without leaving the Agent iOS app

8. Edit or delete a bookmark by clicking the 3 dots on the right of a bookmark