Hosted subdomains

‘Start live broadcasting on the Whisbi platform with a customizable subdomain and without your IT or politics’

External factors on a client’s website, such as depending on IT for implementation or politics around resources, often dramatically extend the amount of time necessary to go live and demonstrate results.

Marketing directors are agnostic to where their results come from as long as they control attribution and gain uplift in performance. Infield research, we have verified that these decisionmakers will be very happy to launch large campaigns on the Whisbi platform as a way to prove effectiveness, before engaging their own IT resources to do so on branded websites.


  • Neither Whisbi nor the client can prove effective when an IT team is blocking implementation.
  • Implementation duration is typically above one month and is often able to reach several months, which affects the evaluation of ROI in a paid trial.
  • When the marketing director has a budget to run a campaign but does not have the politics lined up to take over the main website, they are blocked from demonstrating value.
  • Launching a marketing campaign on the main brand website takes orders of magnitude more preparation time and effort (due to ‘the brand’), compared to launching it on its own landing page or in an off-website channel.


We get a live broadcast marketing campaign upon our own domain,, for example, ‘telco-brand’ The results will be aggregated by your Customer Success Manager.

For the customer, their broadcasting started

  • without IT blocking, 
  • in the shortest amount of time, 
  • without expending social capital on politics, and 
  • without preparing the brand for the main website takeover