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‘Tracking is the new default with every new created broadcast’

Clients use third party analytic tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce to analyse their performance on marketing and the behavior of users on their website. To prove the value of Whisbi’s Broadcast solution, it is important to match the clients KPI’s with their systems. This way, Whisbi can be seen as a channel to market their products or services.


  • It is difficult for clients to prove the value of Whisbi’s broadcast solution if the broadcast KPI’s don’t match the clients’ systems or metrics. 
  • Marketing teams cannot compare the Whisbi broadcast when there is no data to compare with their other marketing channels.


A default Google Analytics integration is provided with every broadcast created on The integration consists of two parts, the Whisbi account, and the client ID. This way, no data is lost from the beginning of a broadcast. Google Analytics integration gives you the possibility to track questions and likes as real-time events. 

When the convertor is running on top of the broadcast it makes it possible to integrate the clients’ Salesforce to start measuring the final result of a lead. 


  • Until the moment a client ID is implemented, there will not be data coming through into the client’s Google Analytics. The data is only visible in the Whisbi Deck or Insights. 
  • Naming conventions have been inherited (simplification is high on the agenda for next series of releases)
  • Salesforce can only be integrated with a convertor running on top of the broadcast.
  • By default, the Salesforce integration is off.
  • If an OTO Salesforce integration is configured, a lead will be shown as an OTO-lead. 

How to avoid lead loss with a Salesforce integration?

  1. When creating a new broadcasting service for a client, it is necessary to use the default Whisbi Salesforce integration to avoid lead loss.
  2. Once the client has provided the following fields, the Salesforce of the client can be used as primary integration:
    1. SalesforceURL
    2. SalesforceToken
    3. SalesforceSeed
    4. IdCampaign
    5. The names of the following fields in client’s Salesforce:
      1. Name
      2. E-mail
      3. Phone