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Bluetooth Audio

‘Make use of a bluetooth microphone and speak directly to your audience.’

The presenters of the Whisbi broadcast service are often a couple of meters away from the streaming device. The streaming device casts the audio to the viewer. In current broadcasts the presenter always needs to be aware that the audio is recorded from the streaming device. 


Presenters are moving around during a broadcast to sell their service or product. In the current situation the audio of the streaming device will be casted to the viewers.

The current situation can result in barely hearing the presenter or the situation can even result in not being able to hear a presenter. 


Supporting external microphones through the bluetooth connection of the streaming device, so the presenter of a broadcast can always be heard by the viewer. The solution solves situations where the presenter wants to move around in the studio or wants to talk about a different angle of the product or service. This solution results in a better experience for the viewer, since the viewer is always able to hear the presenter loud and clear. 

How does it work?

Connect your bluetooth device before the broadcast starts. Set up the bluetooth device through the system settings of the iOS-device. 

  • All the bluetooth devices are supported. Although, we recommend using Apple AirPods 1st generation or later or Xiaomi Airdots to guarantee audio quality for the viewer.


Ensure that the customer has an iOS device that meets the following requirements to be able to stream a broadcast:

  • iPad Pro 2019 or later, 11 inch (or higher) with A12X processor and 256 GB capacity, running iOS 12.0 or later
  • iPhone X or later, with 128 GB running iOS 12.0 or later