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Presenter mode

‘Be the presenter, the camera operator, the moderator or the spectator within a broadcast’
Clients often use Whisbi in a different way than we support, the reason behind this is because they try to find workarounds to achieve to solve a certain problem, like answering questions in a live broadcast. In Q4 we validated that the presenter needs to monitor the comments during a broadcast and it is uncomfortable to move away from the camera to read the questions. 


  • Presenters and moderators have to be BEHIND the camera to read questions.
  • They must manage all activity from a single device.
  • Our clients want to use multiple accounts to login into the broadcast app, but cannot.


Multiple sign-in with different or the same login, join the same broadcast session to enter the broadcast app as a moderator, presenter or spectator. Manage and control comments from viewers by logging in with a second (or more) device(s), where features like time, likes, viewers, blocking users and comments are synchronized.

How does it work?

The camera operator starts the broadcast first, then the other users can join when they have the same channel configured or if they use the same login and same channel by clicking ‘Start broadcast’ they will join the broadcast as a presenter/moderator/spectator. 

  1. Camera operator logs in
  2. The presenter/moderator/spectator logs in
  3. Camera operator clicks on ‘start broadcast’
  4. The presenter/moderator/spectator clicks on ‘start broadcast’ and will join in the presenter mode.


  • Don’t use the same login in different channels. You can only use the same login within the same channel.
  • When using different logins within the same channel, make sure to choose the same channel to join the same broadcast. Click on ‘Start broadcast’ to join the broadcast.
  • Available only on iOS-devices. 


Ensure that the customer has an iOS device that meets the following requirements to be able to stream a broadcast:

  • iPad Pro 2019 or later, 11 inch (or higher) with A12X processor and 256 GB capacity, running iOS 12.0 or later
  • iPhone X or later, with 128 GB running iOS 12.0 or later