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Adaptive Bit Rate


If the client wants to improve the quality of the broadcast on the viewer side, CS can propose to start using an adaptive bit rate (ABR). To proceed with this feature it is important to submit a client request to the Ops-team regarding the activation of the ABR on the clients’ broadcast.

How to configure ABR?

  1. Login to the Wowza Production environment.
  2. Go to ‘Applications’
  3. Go to ‘Transcoder’
    1. Enable the transcoder
    2. Make sure that ‘Match source stream name to template name’ is disabled.
    3. Select ‘Transrate_plus’ as the fallback template.
  4. Go to ‘SMIL files’
    1. Create a new SMIL file with the new channel id as the name + .smil behind the name
    2. Replace all the source names (5 items) with the new channel id.
  5. Enable the configuration in the widget
    1. ‘EnableABR’ must be set to ‘true’

ABR chooses between the following qualities:

  • 350 kbps
  • 500 kbps
  • 850 kbps
  • 1.3 mbps
  • 2.0 mbps