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Visit the App Store on an iOS device to view or download the ‘Broadcast by Whisbi’ iOS app:

Above: App Store screenshots of app features in the Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app

iOS device requirements

To be able to start broadcasting with the Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app you need to meet the following iOS device requirements:

  • iPad Pro 2019 or later, 11 inch (or higher) with A12X processor and 256 GB capacity, running iOS 14.0 or later
  • iPhone X or later, with 128 GB running iOS 14.0 or later

Broadcast by Whisbi iOS

Broadcast by Whisbi is the easiest way to do live broadcasting to your enterprise website. It is designed to be simple, reliable and to fit with your brand safety requirements.

We help you easily explain complex value propositions to customers, through a high touch, consultative experience. Reach online customers in real-time with a truly engaging experience, regardless of your viewer’s device or browser.

Broadcast by Whisbi has a simple one-touch interface to handle live broadcasts from studios, shops, events and for those working from home – on wifi or cellular networks. While broadcasting it also enables presenters to interact with the audience through text questions from users that are displayed in the app.

Here are a few of the new capabilities that we deliver

– Streaming over cellular networks with optimized video data.

– Adaptive bitrate for viewers.

– Presenter mode, to let multiple people participate in broadcasting, presentation and moderation.

– Block users and mask offensive words during the broadcast.

– Multiple sign-in, to join the same broadcast from different accounts.

– Support for the new iOS home button.

Our recommended devices for best broadcasting quality are iPad Pro 2019 or later or an iPhone X or later. We also recommend that you are running iOS 12.0 or later.

Please contact Whisbi for training and upgrades from your existing broadcast service.

Communicate brand value and increase online engagement in the discovery phase with the ‘Broadcast by Whisbi’ solution.


Enterprises in automotive and telecommunications are seeking cost-efficient marketing solutions to improve the profit margin per sold product. Therefore, marketing teams are expected to be creative to attract and retain customers on their website. In reality, marketing teams fall short on engaging and retaining customers on their website due to the lack of alignment between departments and the internal politics on brand communication and guidelines.

Besides the struggle of marketing teams to communicate brand value and engage visitors on their website, brand communication in times of crisis became the standard. COVID-19 changed the way brands think about brand communication towards their customers. Brands have seen a significant increase in customers reaching out to their sales and support channels. Therefore, sales and support teams are now thinking about how to scale their services without scaling the operational costs in parallel.


Enterprises in automotive and telecommunications have marketing teams that invest lots of money and effort to get new customers into the discovery phase on their websites. The problem is that websites miss customer engagement and fail to communicate the brand value in the discovery phase. The lack of engagement and brand value results in a lead loss in the first step of the sales funnel, the discovery phase. 

COVID-19 resulted in high volumes and constant peaks of client contact requests on sales and support teams. Sales and support teams are experimenting with different ways of working in order to increase productivity and scale their services, but brands don’t succeed in reducing the operational cost of this scaling process.

2 common problems in Automotive

The automotive industry has been seeing a decline in offline non-electric car sales for years. The profit margin of a car sale is between 2 and 4%. Automotive brands focus massively on booking a test drive since the automotive companies discovered that this metric has a direct impact on car sales and profit margin per car. To increase the number of test drives marketing teams are attracting customers with offers and deals, but in the end, they fail to communicate brand value and communication and therefore engage customers in the discovery phase. 

Automotive brands see a huge decline in offline car sales due to the coronavirus and its restrictions on opening times of car dealerships by governments. Automotive brands are desperately looking for ways to reach and engage their audience to make sure that after the coronavirus they are top-of-mind for customers. In this way, they minimize the fall or damage after COVID-19.

2 common problems in Telecommunications

Telecommunication brands have a wide range of online products and packages that differ in profit margins, but because of the efforts and investments of various departments (wireless, mobile phones, SIM-only, wireline) within the company, it is nearly impossible to prioritize the most important products and packages on a website. As a result, the website visitors get lost and leave the website due to a lack of focus, guidance, and engagement. The brand value and communication gets lost within the journey of the customer. 

Telecommunication brands are experiencing an increase in demand for wired bundles at home due to the coronavirus. The increase in demand for wired bundles results in a high volume of contact requests for departments like Customer Support and Sales. The problem for those departments is the unpredictable peaks while trying to cut on operational costs.


Reach, guide and engage website visitors in the discovery phase of the digital sales funnel through live-video engagement that communicates simple and real-time brand and product value in minutes to your audience to improve brand communication, user experience, and cut operational cost.