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Block users

‘Protect your presenters from a negative broadcasting experience’

During Whisbi broadcasts the presenters get a lot of questions from different people with different purposes. To give the presenter a positive experience it is important that the camera operator or the presenter can manage users and comments.


Presenters may feel offended by the words of certain users. Each client has a specific set of rules about what a presenter should be able to block to work safely and comfortably. Users may troll with irrelevant questions and comments about the presenter, or a specific topic. They may attempt to confuse the presenter in the process of doing a broadcast or selling its product or services. 


There are two options to ensure a positive broadcast experience for the presenter: “block users” if the users are offensive, irrelevant, etc. and “blocked words”. “Blocked words” is a predefined list that needs to be set on an account base. We suggest taking the time to think about this list and review it after 2 weeks to improve it. 

How to start using those features?

Block users:

  • When you are in a session and comments come through, you can click/tap on a comment to see the option to block a specific user. After blocking a user the user will not be able to respond and the comments will be removed from the Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app.
  • You can also block users from the ‘Presenter mode’ device. The workflow of blocking a user works the same.

Block words:

  • The list with blocked words will appear on the account level and it will block all the words in that list for the presenter with ‘***’, so the presenter will not be able to see those words.
  • Implementation of this list goes through the Ops-team.

See the workflow of blocking a user in the screenshots below.

1. The broadcaster/presenter receives a comment from a viewer that is watching the broadcast.

2. Swipe the comment to the left side of the screen and the ‘Block user’ becomes available as a red button.

3. Click on ‘Block user’ to block a user or click anywhere else on the screen to cancel and hide the ‘Block user’ button.
4. When clicking the ‘Block user’ button the comment will disappear from the Broadcast by Whisbi iOS app. See below screenshot.