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Block words

‘Protect your presenters from a negative broadcasting experience’

During Whisbi broadcasts the presenters get a lot of questions from different people for different purposes. To give the presenter a positive experience it is important that the camera operator or the presenter can manage users and comments.


Presenters may feel offended by the words of certain users. Each client has a specific set of rules about what a presenter should be able to block to work safely and comfortably. Users may troll with irrelevant questions and comments about the presenter, or a specific topic. They may attempt to confuse the presenter in the process of doing broadcast or selling its product or services. 


There are two options to ensure a positive broadcast experience for the presenter: “block users” if the users are offensive, irrelevant, etc. and “blocked words”. “Blocked words” is a predefined list that needs to be set on an account base. We suggest taking the time to think about this list and review it after 2 weeks to improve it. 

How to start using those features?

Block users:

  • When you are in a session and comments come through, you can click/tap on a comment to see the option to block a specific user. After blocking a user the user will not be able to respond and the presenter will see the comments of the user transparent and disabled. 
  • You can also block users in the new feature called ‘Split mode’.

Block words:

  • The list with blocked words will appear on the account level and it will block all the words in that list for the presenter with ‘***’, so the presenter will not be able to see those words.
  • Implementation of this list goes through the Ops-team.