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Sensitive data

‘Mask sensitive data to comply with the legislation of data protection’

The viewers in a broadcast ask a lot of different questions while they are sending through their sensitive data. Meanwhile, companies have to deal with the legislation of data protection. Data such as names, email addresses, IBAN codes and telephone numbers often can’t be processed by a company’s partner. Besides the legislation of a company, the presenters don’t want to receive irrelevant sensitive data during a broadcast.


  • The protection of sensitive data became the foundation of the legislation on data protection. 
  • Presenters don’t want to receive irrelevant sensitive data during a broadcast. 


Every client within Whisbi can start using a default filter on sensitive data where they can choose what sensitive data they want to mask. The client can choose to mask country-specific numbers like passport numbers, social security numbers, and telephone numbers. It is also possible to apply the filter and mask more generic data like email addresses, birthdates, names, IBAN codes, and locations. Every element of sensitive data will be masked for the presenter like the following example: My phone number is ***.

An AI-powered API is being used to define if the content is sensitive data. Right now we are masking the content once the probability that the content is sensitive data is valued as high.