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Bluetooth Audio

‘Easy and fast audio setup through wireless earphones connected through Bluetooth or Airplay’


The rise of wireless earphones and headphones made it easy for mobile devices to connect through Bluetooth. The easier the setup a broadcast, the faster you are able to start. When you have to change locations or when you are forced to broadcast from a remote or home environment (during the COVID-19 situation), it requires flexibility in order to move broadcast setups to various locations.


Purchasing a professional audio setup costs money and takes time to set up. You need to have knowledge of the equipment and it requires practical skills to set up a professional audio setup. Besides the setup, you often need to test the right settings of the audio device. All of the above statements have an impact on the flexibility and operational cost of setting up a broadcast. But in order to meet certain standards on audio quality, it is not possible to only use the audio of the broadcasting device.


Supporting external microphones through the Bluetooth connection of the streaming device, so you can easily set up audio that is not coming from the device, but listens like a professional audio setup. Besides the fact that a BlueTooth audio setup reduces the operational costs and implementation time, it also improves the mobility from the presenter.

How does the Broadcast Audio work in the ‘Broadcast by Whisbi’-app?

Clicking the above icon gives you a list of the Bluetooth-options within your range.
  • Connect your Bluetooth device before the broadcast starts. Set up the Bluetooth device on the pre-broadcast screen through the ‘Airplay’-icon in the above screenshot.
  • We recommend using Apple AirPods 1st generation or later or Xiaomi Airdots to guarantee audio quality for the viewer.