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Adaptive Bit Rate

Serve your viewers with a matching broadcast stream quality


People are used to watching live streaming about gaming, sports, and entertainment. Marketers are making use of the trend in live streaming by streaming content and brand communication to their audience through advertising or organic channels. Because live streaming integrated into people’s lives, they started watching the live streams on moments like on the train or at work.


The viewers of live broadcasting are not only watching the streams anymore from their desktop at home, but they switch devices, move around, change networks during streams and they don’t even notice it. The producers of live broadcasts need to change the way of distributing the stream to their audience if they want to keep reaching their viewers in good and bad networks and connections.


Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) serves the right quality for the right situation, so the viewer is always able to see the stream no matter how good or bad their network or connection is.

ABR chooses between the following qualities:

  • 350 kbps
  • 500 kbps
  • 850 kbps
  • 1.3 mbps
  • 2.0 mbps