Chat – Agent Android

Start interacting with online customers that prefer to chat with a sales agent


Online website visitors want to start sales conversations not only by voice or video anymore but also by starting a chat. Chat has proven to be a standalone channel in the sales funnel for customers as well as agents.


If a chat tool is only able to chat with the customer, it will most likely not have a positive impact on the likelihood of purchasing a product or service because of its lack of sales tools to close a sale with a customer.


The chat feature within Whisbi Agent allows the agent to handle a chat as it would handle a phone call by using all the necessary video sharing tools to close a sale through chat.

How to use it?

  • Log in to Agent on Android
  • In the requests tab, a chat request will appear in real-time. Or use chat in a phone call by clicking on the ‘chat’ tab to ‘Open chat’
  • Start writing and receive messages from the customer: