Chat Inbound


Leads or customers want to quickly start a conversation with a sales agent. On the other side, enterprise companies get significantly more chat requests from customers through their website and see the chat as an entry into their digital sales funnel.


Leads or customers don’t always want to fill in their personal data or having to pick up a phone call before getting answers on their questions.

Enterprise companies experience chat as a low-converting sales channel.


Starting a session with a customer by chat. Sales agents are able to enable all the sales tools that Whisbi Agent offers to increase the likelihood of converting a chat into a sale.

How does the flow of a session with chat look like?

1. Customer: The customer clicks on ‘Connect now’ without filling in the optional phone field.

2. Agent: Agent receives the chat request.

3. Agent: Agent clicks the chat request and the Whisbi Agent starts loading the chat.

4. The agent can see the chat session and is now able to start chatting with the customer.