Configurable video quality


Nowadays, agents are working from anywhere and so, they are connecting with different internet networks. While working with different internet networks, you always experience different behavior in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of setup.


The problem with using different internet networks is that you would have to rely on the setting of the internet network. Especially when you are using video, you are never sure if the internet network can handle the video quality and this, can impact the end-user experience.


You can now configure the quality for Share Showroom so that you can manage the quality for all agents working in a call center or team or store. The settings will be based on three settings: auto (follow the current behavior / the highest possible resolution), medium (compressed to 480p), or low (compressed to 360p). The default value for all call centers will be auto.

There will be no changes in the end-user experience, except for the video quality.