Sell Solution: Conversation Builder

What is it?

Whisbi Conversation Builder is a solution designed to optimize and personalize the conversations with your users needs. Now you can configure and build the conversations with your leads and make the most out of Whisbi’s unique and powerful features that bridges chatbot experience and the human experience.

What can you do with it?

Some of its main features, to name a few, include personalizing the conversation and collecting buyer data through variables, interact with users and receive their input ranging from simple text-fields to product carousels, and create flexible conversations with multiple paths through conditional modules depending on your users´ answers.

How to get started?

To access your conversations on Backstage, navigate to the Service Configuration section and click on the icon for Conversation Builder.

There you will see a list of conversations for which you can visualize the conversation flow.

Note that currently, conversations are only created and configured by Whisbi Administrators.