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Auto test drive conversation modules

Each module is composed of questions asking the user about a specific theme, the latter is the name of the module. 

Organise these modules to build up your conversation depending on the use case to book a test drive.

Here is a list of the available modules:

  • Current car
  • Date and Time
  • Dealership location
  • Email
  • Full Name
  • Need assistance
  • Phone number
  • Qualifying loan
  • Time of acquisition
  • Top 3 cars or car models
  • Trade in value


  1. Concise and clear – “ To provide you with a great experience, I will need to learn more about your preferences. What car model are you driving now?”
  2. Informal – “Let me know a little more about your car preferences to make sure you enjoy your test drive experience. What is your car model today?”
  3. Rewarding – “I need to know what you like to create the best driving experience for you. What is your current car model?”

INPUT: Current Car Brand and Model

  1. Concise and clear – “ What do you prefer in your car?”
  2. Informal – “What do you love about your car?”
  3. Rewarding – “What should your new car also absolutely include?”

INPUT: Current car likes

  1. Concise and clear – “ And what do you dislike about your car?”
  2. Informal – “What do you hate about this car?”
  3. Rewarding – “What should your new car absolutely not include?”

INPUT: Current car dislikes



  1. Concise and clear – “ Choose a date and time at your convenience”
  2. Informal – “Pick a date and time which best suits your schedule”
  3. Rewarding – “What date and time works best for your test drive?”

INPUT: Date and Time



  1. Concise and clear – “ Where would you rather drive this car?”
  2. Informal – “Do you prefer any city to test your car? Let us know.”
  3. Rewarding – “Choose a city that will make your test drive experience even better”


  1. Concise and clear – “ Choose the most convenient dealership for you in your city”
  2. Informal – “Pick your preferred city dealership”
  3. Rewarding – “Which dealership to enjoy your ride close to your city?”

PREDICTIVE LIST: Dealership location



  1. Concise and clear – “ Please provide an email on which I can send you all the test drive details and confirmation.”
  2. Informal – “what’s the email on which I can send you a confirmation of your booking?”
  3. Rewarding – ““I will send you an email detailing your test drive booking and related potential offers.”

INPUT: Email



  1. Concise and clear – “ I need your name to book you a test drive”
  2. Informal – “To book you in, I will need your full name please”
  3. Rewarding – “I need your name to book your dream test drive”

 INPUT: Name and Surname



  1. Concise and clear – “ Talk to one of our experts for more on our offers”
  2. Informal – “Need more info on our offers? You’ll want to talk to our experts.”
  3. Rewarding – Our experts can help you get the best offer. Do you want to talk to one?

[I want to talk to an expert]. [No thank you]



  1. Concise and clear – “ The dealer will call you if you need to change your appointment. Please provide your phone number.”
  2. Informal – “What number can the dealer call you on in case of changes to your schedule”
  3. Rewarding – “The dealer will need to inform you of potential offers for this car. What is your phone number?”

INPUT: Phone number



  1. Concise and clear – “ We can offer you financing. Are you interested?”
  2. Informal – “I can help you with your purchase. You want some financing advice?”
  3. Rewarding – “We can finance this car for you at great rates. Do you want to know how much you could save with our financing?”

[Yes] [No]

  1. Concise and clear – “I will need some personal details to make you an offer.”
  2. Informal – “I’ll ask you for some personal info to create an offer for you.”
  3. Rewarding – “Obviously, I will need some more personal details. I’ll use these to make my best offer.”


  1. Concise and clear – “I need to ask you 3 questions regarding your finances to adapt the offer to your needs. What is your gross yearly revenue?”
  2. Informal – “I’ll need to ask you 3 questions about the resources you have to make an offer just for you. First, how much do you earn gross yearly?”
  3. Rewarding – “To give you the offer that fits you the most, I will ask you 3 questions regarding your finances. First, please tell me your gross yearly revenue?”

INPUT: Gross yearly revenue

  1. Concise and clear – “Second, to evaluate a financing offer for you, tell me about your existing loan?”
  2. Informal – “Second, do you already have a loan? It will help evaluate what financing offer is made for you.”
  3. Rewarding – “Second, let me know what your most important loans are to get an offer adapted to you.”

INPUT: Current loans

  1. Concise and clear – “Last, how long is this loan for?”
  2. Informal – “Third and last, when will you be done repaying this loan?” 
  3. Rewarding – “Last, how long is your loan’s repayment period?”

INPUT: Loan duration



  1. Concise and clear – “ When do you want to get your new car?”
  2. Informal – “When do you want it?”
  3. Rewarding – “Some potential offers await…When do you want your new car?”

[In less than a month] [In less than six months]

[In less than a year] [I do not know]


Top3Cars or CarModels

  1. Concise and clear – “Find the car you need to enjoy your test drive”
  2. Informal – “Pick the car that you dream of test driving”
  3. Rewarding – “Speed, comfort or quality? We have the car you need.”




  1. Concise and clear – “ I can help you evaluate your current car’s value.”
  2. Informal – “Let me help you find how much you can get for your current car.”
  3. Rewarding – “ I can get you the best trade-in value for your car.”

[Yes I want your help] [No thank you]

  1. Concise and clear – In order to evaluate its value, I will need a few details. What is your car’s model?”
  2. Informal – “I can get you this trade-in value with more info about your car. What is the model?”
  3. Rewarding – “To understand how high is your current car’s value, I will need some more details. First, what is the car model?”

INPUT: Current car brand and model

  1. Concise and clear -“ Two last questions to evaluate your car trade-in value, when was it bought new?”
  2. Informal – “Just two more questions to get you a value, how old is your car?”
  3. Rewarding – “Two more questions and you’ll know how much you can get for your car. How old is your car?”

INPUT: Current car year

  1. Concise and clear -“ What is your car’s conditions?”
  2. Informal – “What is its condition these days?”
  3. Rewarding – “Last, what are you car’s conditions?”

INPUT: Current car conditions