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Telco conversation modules

Each module is composed of questions asking the user about a specific theme, the latter is the name of the module. 

Organise these modules to build up your conversation depending on the use case.

Here is a list of the available modules:

  • Customer Status
  • Customer Type
  • Email
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Reach an agent (customer support or sales)
  • Reason to switch provider


  1. Concise and clear – “I can help you find what you need. Are you already a customer?”
  2. Informal – “I’m here to help. Are you already a customer?”
  3. Rewarding – “Are you an existing customer? You may qualify for special deals.”

[I am a new customer]. [I am already a customer]



  1. Concise and clear – “I can help you reach the right experts. Are you a business customer?”
  2. Informal – “Are you an individual client? I will put you through to the best experts for you.”
  3. Rewarding – “Business or individual customer?Let me find you the experts who will propose offers made for you”

[I am an individual]. [I am a business customer]



  1. Concise and clear – “What is your e-mail for you to get information or help?”
  2. Informal – “What’s the email on which we can contact you if you need more info?”
  3. Rewarding – “Our experts will need to send you an email if you need any help or information.”



  1. Concise and clear – “ Please provide your name so we can help you better next time.”
  2. Informal – “Help me get your name right next time you pop by”
  3. Rewarding – “Let me register your name so I can offer you more next time you come.”

INPUT: Name and Surname



  1. Concise and clear – “Please provide your phone number in case you need more information”
  2. Informal – “What’s your phone number? so that we can send you info you need”
  3. Rewarding – “Our experts will need to call you if you need any help or information.”

INPUT: Phone number



  1. Concise and clear – “ Do you need assistance to make a purchase or help with your plan?”
  2. Informal –“Need any support or expertise to decide what to get?”
  3. Rewarding – “Do you need support with your mobile plan? help finding the best offers? Talk to one of our agents.”

[Talk to a mobile plan expert]. [Talk to a customer support expert]


Reason to Switch

  1. Concise and clear – “What more can we offer than your previous provider?”
  2. Informal –“What kind of offer would be a great one for you now?”
  3. Rewarding – “To advise you best, I need to know what would make you choose a plan over another one?”

[Pay less for the same package]. [Better coverage]
INPUT: Other reason to switch provider