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Getting started

By using this reference guide you will be in control of all the visual aspects of your widget: colors, texts, fonts, imagery and certain button actions.

Before you start customizing your Whisbi widget there are a few things you will need to prepare.

Unique IDs

To get started, get the following IDs by requesting them from your designated Customer Success Manager.

This unique ID will allow you to access your account in the Whisbi cloud.

This ID defines which services should be used on the widget (Engage, Guide, and/or Sell).
A seed is an ID that enables the widget to pull all the necessary configurations for your service, like the channel to display in Engage or the telephony and agents configuration for Sell.

In the case of a Sell service, you only need to provide a primary seed.

For an Engage service, you can provide also a secondary seed if you have a Sell service to which you want to send your users. If provided, the viewers will be prompted to have a Sell session, which will be loaded in the same widget.

Media Gallery ID
With this ID you will be able to load your Whisbi library with images and videos which can be used during a session.

Find more about the Whisbi widgets configuration on the Help Center article for Sell and Engage.