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This is the configuration options for the Whisbi API.
It contains all the basic settings for your Whisbi widget to launch.

See Getting started for the instruction on how to get the necessary data.

apiKey String Your Whisbi API key Mandatory
primarySeed String The GUID of the seed to use (Sell or Engage) Mandatory
secondarySeed String| Boolean If primarySeed is an Engage one, you can set this to the GUID of a Sell seed, to send users to your Sell service using the chatbot Optional
Default: false
mediaGalleryId String The GUID of the media gallery to use Mandatory
legalReference String This parameter specifies the reference to a unique pack of legal agreements. If it is empty the default Privacy Policy will be applied. Mandatory
cookiesExpiration Integer Maximum lifespan (in minutes) of the cookies stored by the widget in the user’s browser. Defaults to one year. Optional
Default: 525600
simplyBook whisbi.ApiSimplyBook Simply Book config Optional
playerText String Allow customers to change the “Join live broadcast” text inside the mobile version of the Engage widget Mandatory
chatbotId String The Id of the Chatbot to load. Get the ID by requesting it from your designated Customer Success Manager. Optional
chatbotName String The Name of the Chatbot. This is the name that will be displayed in the analytics. Optional
True to send collected data in inputs to the Watson platform. Data will be accessible in Watson dialogs by reading this variables: $w_email, $w_phone and $w_nameOptional
Default: false
enableAbr String Allow the video player to dynamically adjust video quality based on a user’s available bandwidth, device performance, and network conditions. Optional
Default: false


var conf = {
version: '1.32.0',
api: {
apiKey: 'Your API key',
primarySeed: 'Your primary seed',
secondarySeed: 'Your secondary seed, or false if not applicable',
mediaGalleryId: 'Your Media Gallery ID',
chatbotId: 'Your chatbot ID',
chatbotName: 'Your chatbot Name',
enableAbr: false,
general: {...},
oneToMany: {...},
oneToOne: {...},
events: {...}

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Simply Book

The following are the config params for Simply Book

company String Your company’s name provided by Simply Book. Mandatory
apiKey String ApiKey provided by Simply Book. Mandatory