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These are all the general settings that are shared between Engage, Guide, and Sell. This means that all this customisation settings will be applied to both of them.

language String The ISO 639-1 code of the language to display the widget in (lower case) Optional
Default: en
languageVariation String Code to indicate a variation of the language defined (lower case).
Codes:   – ’fm’ for formal tone
privacyPolicyURL String The URL that redirects to your company’s legal terms Optional
textsURL String A URL where a valid translation JSON file is stored. It can contain all the texts of the widget or just the ones you need to change. Keep in mind that the texts customized directly on the API have priority over those in the JSON file. Request the JSON file with the default texts to your designated Customer Success Manager. Optional
googleAnalytics Boolean If set to false, Whisbi’s Google Analytics tracking code is disabled Optional
Default: true
googleAnalyticsClientId String The Google Analytics id to which send tracking events (this id has the form: UA-XXXXX-Y). Only add this parameter if you intend to receive analytics events to a specific Google Analytics account. Optional
enableWhisbiLink Boolean If set to false, the link placed at the bottom of the Widget will be disabled Optional
Default: true
texts whisbi.GeneralTextsConfig Shared texts between the Engage, Guide and Sell widget Optional
styles whisbi.GeneralStylesConfig Shared styles between the Engage, Guide and Sell widget Optional


var conf = {
version: '1.32.0',
api: {...},
general: {
language: 'en',
languageVariation: 'fm',
textsURL: '',
texts: {
companyName: '',
privacyPolicy: ''
enableWhisbiLink: true,
privacyPolicyURL: '',
styles: {
theme: '',
fonts: [],
fontFamily: '',
textColor: '',
linkColor: '',
primaryColor: '',
secondaryColor: '',
header: {
fontFamily: '',
fontSize: '',
fontWeight: '',
backgroundColor: '',
textTransform: '',
textColor: ''
floatingButton: {...},
titles: {...}
oneToMany: {...},
oneToOne: {...},
events: {...}

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