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The chatbot appears during an Engage session to help send your customers where you want (Sell session, purchase page, form…).

There are two main options for the chatbot: send the customer to a Sell session (secondarySeed), or send them to any URL you want (externalURL). Note that the SecondarySeed has preference over the external URL.
The chatbot will appear once the minimumTime has passed, and once the customer has asked the minimum number of questions required.

You can learn more about the Chatbot here.

minimumTime Integer Time in seconds before the chatbot appears. This setting is combined with minimumChats. Optional
Default: 10
minimumChats Integer Minimum questions required to show the chatbot. This setting is combined with minimumTime. Optional
Default: 0
externalURL String A URL to send the user to when clicking the “yes” CTA. Does not apply if using a secondarySeed Optional
pictureURL String The URL of an image to display as the chatbot avatar. Only applies if using externalURL Optional
closeOnClick Boolean Set to false to keep the Engage widget opened when a user clicks the chatbot link. Otherwise it will close. Only applies if using externalURL Optional
Default: true