Disconnection due to inactivity – Agent Android


A mobile push notification is a message sent by an application to a customer’s mobile device. They are typically used to deliver product updates, reminders, and any information that requires special attention, or needs to be actioned quickly.


Mobile app users often send the mobile app to the background. In this state, the application maintains the agent’s availability for at least another 30 minutes. The agent must be aware of the possible loss of availability and should be able to remain available to customers.


Agents receive a notification that they will be disconnected soon due to their inactivity. They are advised to open the Agent by Whisbi app to stay available.

Permissions for Android notifications

In order for the Agent Android app to send notifications, you will need to allow ‘Agent by Whisbi’ to send notifications. The permissions for notifications will be prompted the first time you log in or the first time you log in after the release of the notifications.

Note: This dialog will pop up the first time you open the app or the first time you open the app after updating the app to the release that includes notifications.

If you missed the dialog you can toggle on this feature by logging into the Agent Android app and by clicking on your agent name on the top left corner > Click on ‘Notifications’ to set your notification settings and the dialog will prompt again.

How does it work when I get a notification?

This is the workflow of an incoming request notification:

  • Log in to Agent by Whisbi: 

  • Send the application to the background. Use other apps or lock your screen.
  • The app will maintain your availability for at least another 30 minutes. You will receive a notification 5 min before the disconnection so that you can open the app again to stay available: