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Lead Distribution System (LDS)

This documentation is deprecated and is replaced by the update of the ‘Agent Desktop’.

Click here or navigate to the ‘Agent Desktop‘ section in the navigation bar of the Help Center.

If you belong to a Team that handles Chat and Video call sessions through Whisbi using our Lead distribution system (LDS), you will see all the new requests through the main screen. Here, you can tap on “Attend next customer” to accept the requests. The requests you accept are ordered from the oldest to the newest.

You can also see all pending requests by tapping on the Pending Customer requests menu located in the middle of the screen at the right side.

Example of Click to Whisbi – iOS // Example of Click to Whisbi – Android

The “pending customer requests” screen will show all the pending requests and some basic information, such as:

  • Name of the customer: If the name field is available and filled in the contact form.
  • Telephone number: for call requests in which the customer didn’t specify their names in the contact form
  • Time of the request: This will show if it’s either a request for now, for the future (scheduled) or if it’s a request that has been there for a while with no action realized from the Agent’s part (Timed out).

For more information on Chat requests, you can visit this article from (our/the) Help Center article.

For call requests, the call flow is the following:

Your customers will request the call but no call will be generated yet. All the members of your team will receive a notification and the first one to accept it, either by clicking on the request or ”Attend next customer” will get that request. In that moment, a call will be triggered to the customer and furthermore to the agent that took the request, combining the call with the Whisbi session.

Right after accepting a call request, you’ll be taken to the Whisbi session’s screen, where you can decide what you’d like to share with your customers. Learn more about the shareable content by visiting this article.