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How to move a session from Mobile to Web

This documentation is deprecated and is replaced by the update of the ‘Agent Desktop’.

Click here or navigate to the ‘Agent Desktop‘ section in the navigation bar of the Help Center.

If you are handling a One-to-One session using the Whisbi App, but you prefer to use the Whisbi Desktop, you can move the session to your computer’s browser in which you can offer additional features to your customer like sharing a web page. To do so follow these steps:

1 On your computer, visit A unique QR code will be generated.

2 Open the QR scanner within you Whisbi App. You will find it here:

  • On Android: Open the menu on the top right corner and then tap ”Open in web”.
  • On iOS: Tap the “Open in web” icon located at the bottom bar.

Open in web – Android   //  Open in web – iOS

3 Point your phone’s camera to the computer screen to scan the QR code.

Scan the QR – Android  // Scan the QR – iOS

Instead of scanning the QR code, you can also make the transition to the Whisbi Desktop using a PIN number:

  • On Android, click on the keyboard icon in the top right corner.
  • On iOS, switch to the PIN code tab.

Then, follow the on-screen instructions:

Transfer with PIN – Android // Transfer with PIN – iOS

Once the experience loads on the Whisbi Desktop, you will see the following screen with the option to recover the session on your mobile device. Just close the browser tab where you have the computer session opened and then click on the “Recover session” button of the App:

Recover the session – Android // Recover the session – iOS