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How to use the Media Gallery

When you start a Whisbi One-to-One session through a mobile device, no content will be shared by default and you’ll see the following screen:

No media is shared – Android // No media is shared – iOS

Once you choose Media Gallery, you will see the default shared content for your organization. This can either be a Youtube/Vimeo video, a Power Point presentation or an Image.

Media gallery – Android // Media gallery – iOS

Tapping the Folder icon lets you choose another file to share. You can select either from the Whisbi Library, your device’s library or take a photo using your device’s camera.
If you no longer wish to share media files, tap the three dots menu button and click on “Stop sharing”

Media gallery – Android // Media gallery – iOS

Bear in mind that the files that you share through the Media Gallery should fit the size and requirements of the most common displays the customers might use:

  • Accepted format files: jpg, png, ppt, pdf
  • Required aspect-ratio: 16:9 (vertical)
  • Maximum file size: 10 Mb

To offer a better experience, there are also some other recommendations:

  • Image size: 558 x 992 px
  • Be short, clear and direct with the texts
  • Avoid white backgrounds