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Voicemail detection enabled

This documentation is deprecated and is replaced by the update of the ‘Agent Desktop’.

Click here or navigate to ‘Agent Desktop‘ in the navigation bar of the Help Center.

The purpose of the Automatic Machine Detection feature is to improve the agent’s experience by avoiding connecting calls to a customer’s voicemail. With AMD the agent will no longer receive calls and listen to a voicemail on the other end. The experience with AMD enabled will be slightly different in the case of LDS and Non-LDS Widgets.

Experience in LDS Widgets.

For a request on an LDS widget, the result of a call being detected as voicemail is the following:

Once you click on the notification, the system will call the client. Using various methods and algorithms, Whisbi´s AMD will evaluate calls to determine whether they reach a customer´s voicemail. If the system detects a human, you will receive a call and the connection will be bridged between you and the user. This is the current behaviour for LDS.

In case the system detects a voicemail, you will be prompted with a message notifying of a connection failure. The agent is asked to End or Postpone the lead.

It is possible to postpone a call to a later time/date twice, if the system detects a voicemail for the third time, you will only have the option to End the lead.

When you are finished with a lead, click the End button – in this example, with the lead resulting in a voicemail, this outcome can be found under Invalid – followed by Voice Mail.

When the list appears, select Voice Mail and click End Session.

Voicemail detection is not 100% accurate. There may be some occasions when a voicemail message may be connected to an agent, in this case, end the call with the “Voicemail” outcome so that these missed voicemails can be accounted for in the metrics.

Experience in Non-LDS Widgets.

When the system detects a person, the call connects as expected, when reaching a voicemail, Whisbi´s AMD system will not connect the call and instead will automatically schedule a call back (this is the default behaviour, this can be configured, please speak to your CSM about this).

Similarly to LDS, Non-LDS set-ups can occasionally receive voicemail calls. In this case, please select the Voice Mail end for that session too.