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Why does my camera turn off during a session?

This documentation is deprecated and is replaced by the update of the ‘Agent Desktop’.

Click here or navigate to ‘Agent Desktop‘ in the navigation bar of the Help Center.

Your camera will always be on and shown to your customer except in two scenarios:

A. When using the Video Walk feature

B. In the case your customer has abandoned the session.

You can tell if your customer has left the session because a message will appear saying “The customer has quit the session” along with a text box to enter another PIN.

Bear in mind that you may still have your customer on the phone when this happens. It may be due to:

  • network connection drop on the customer side
  • customer closed the room using the X button on the screen
  • customer might have moved to another site in the same window
  • anything that closes the connection between the customer and the room.

Learn more about “How to recover a session” in our “Getting your first Call/Session” section

If your company uses a Script it will be turned on automatically after the session ends from the customer side. If you don’t see the “This customer has quit the session” message, but your camera is off and instead you see your profile picture grayed out, turn off the “Script”  button on the bottom right of the screen to see the message and guide your