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Camera settings

If your company requires you to use your webcam for a Whisbi One-to-One session you’ll have to make sure a compatible camera (either integrated Web Cam or USB Web Cam ) is present in your system.

Almost all cameras on the market are compatible with the Chrome browser. Make sure you previously allowed your browser to use the camera for Whisbi Desktop and ensure it is connected and functioning properly.

Due to OS’ limitations you may not be able to use the camera in more than one application at the same time (i.e.: Chrome + Camera’s manufacturer software)

In order to grant Chrome access to the camera you can follow any of these steps:

Before a session: Go to and from the left side of the Chrome omnibox click the lock icon and from the drop down menu enable the camera access.

During a session: Whisbi Desktop will try to use the camera. If permission in Chrome wasn’t granted beforehand you’ll see a small camera icon on the right side of the Chrome URL bar. Click the icon and then select the option to enable the camera. Remember to refresh the page in order the use the camera.

If you refresh the page and only see your profile picture, click on it to activate the camera again.