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How to recover a session

This documentation is deprecated and is replaced by the update of the ‘Agent Desktop’.

Click here or navigate to ‘Agent Desktop‘ in the navigation bar of the Help Center.

There may be two scenarios in which you may need to recover a session:

  • Your call dropped or the session was interrupted on your customer’s side
  • You scheduled another time with your customer.

Dropped call:
 If your call dropped then the Whisbi session will finish on both sides. This means that if you get to call your customer back you will no longer have a Whisbi session going on.

You can guide your customer to get a new PIN either from your website (if the Whisbi PIN button is present) or directly from
Once your customer gives you the PIN you can enter it in the central text box right under “Your client has quit the session” and click the white arrow. After that the session will be recovered and you may proceed normally.

Scheduled: If you have scheduled a callback with your customer you will then have a pending Lead with your customer’s phone number.

In this scenario you will have to go to the Lead Finder on the Whisbi Desktop’s waiting screen. It’s located in the upper left corner. Once you click on the Lead Finder you’ll see the search box. When you find the pending lead you can click on it and then “Open” to bring the session back.

For your customer to get back to you, direct them to your website or from in order to get a PIN.

In the Lead Finder you will find Leads that have not yet been assigned a final outcome.

The Lead Finder also lets you create a new lead in case you got this customer from a source other than Whisbi.

Either way, a new session will be created (a new lead that you create or a recovered session if the lead already exists).

When you enter the Lead Finder your status will be set to “Not available”