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How to enhance your network stats

The different Whisbi features rely on several network requirements to offer their best. You will find these requirements described in this Help Center article.

The quality of the experience could be affected if some of the values are not achieved.

The Whisbi apps include a Connectivity Test that you can run to check if your network works friendly with Whisbi. Find how to use the test in this Help Center article.

If some of your features are not working properly or, running the test, you get lower values than the expected, here you have some recommendations on how to enhance your network setup: 

Topic Recommendations
If you cannot log in to Whisbi or some of the
features don’t work at all
– Ensure that the * domain is allowed in your corporate network. – Ensure that your corporate network allows traffic through ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS) and 1935 (real-time video).
If your sessions are not good enough – Review your coverage. – Use WiFi if possible. It is more stable than the mobile network. – Try not to have obstacles nearby that can block the signal. – Stop other applications that might be using the Internet connection. – Restart your device. – Restart your ISP access point and disconnect and connect your device back. – Update the Whisbi app to its latest version. – Upgrade your device Operative System. – Verify the device recommendations.
If your Video Walk doesn’t run perfectly – Decrease the quality setting.
If your External Cameras don’t run perfectly – Decrease the quality setting. – Decrease the IP cameras resolution. 

You will find a brief guide on how to change the different settings in this Help Center article.

For further assistance with any of these tips, contact the Support team (