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Whisbi Engage allows Users (Presenters) to establish real-time video with multiple viewers at the same time.

Users can communicate with viewers using the Broadcast by Whisbi App. You can find the Broadcast iOS and Android App in the Android and iOS app store.

Viewers can watch and interact with the broadcast from any browser and device type. There is no additional download required over the viewer’s end.

We’ve recently discovered that the latest iOS version 13.1.3 for iPad requires that iPad apps are designed as ‘iPad specific’ or as ‘universal’. From iOS version 13.1.3 forward, apps that are released only as ‘iPhone’ apps are no longer supported.

The Whisbi OTM app version 2.12.0 was published as an iPhone app. It is not compatible with the latest iPad iOS 13.1.3. For customers using iPads with this iOS version, this will result in not being able to broadcast.

We recommend to retain iPad iOS at version 13.1.2 or lower to continue broadcasting with Whisbi OTM version 2.12.0. Alternatively, we recommend to broadcast using Whisbi OTM on iPhone X or later, running on iOS 11+. 

The new ‘Broadcast by Whisbi‘ app is compatible on iPhone and iPad from iOS version 11 onward.