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IP Whitelist

As an administrator you can define from which IP can connect a user.

  1. Go to [settings section]
  2. User Login Manager -> IP Whitelist Manager
  3. If the list is empty, the Users can connect from any IP. If there is one or more IPs listed, the Users can only connect from the ones listed.
  4. You can define as much IPs as you want.

Security Token: How it works with Broadcast by Whisbi

With the security token you can limit the access from uncontrolled devices.

  1. This option cannot be configured through the Whisbi Deck and should be requested via Support.
  2. When this option is enabled, Whisbi will provide a set of token files.
  3. An administrator should copy manually the security token in the device.
  4. The User logs in the App with his credentials.
  5. If the user selects the option to broadcast in a Channel with “Security option enabled”, the following occurs:

Broadcasting with the Security…

The Whisbi App starts looking for a token file in the device:

    If not found, the App rejects the broadcasting.

    If found, it starts to identify the User from the Token (Decipher it)

          -If the token’s User doesn’t match with the User logged in the App, the broadcast is rejected.

          -If the token’s User matches with the User logged in, the App accepts the broadcast.

Administrator’s usage/benefit

An administrator can grant or refuse the access to a specific channel to an User in real time.

To broadcast, the User is required to download the Broadcast by Whisbi App.

An administrator can limit the User’s access based on the IP they are connecting from.