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User requirements

User requirements

The agent can start Engage sessions and communicates with all the viewers via the Broadcast by Whisbi app.

The Broadcast by Whisbi App needs to have access to the domain * through the ports TCP 80, 443, 1935 (default ports for browsing and real-time video port).

Your network administrator may need to make changes to firewall settings for the broadcasts to reach viewers correctly.

Network requirements

To grant a quality video session it’s essential to meet some network requirements:

  • Ping: It measures how long it will take your device to reach the Whisbi systems.
  • Bandwidth: Either with a Wifi connection or in 4G, the bandwidth is important to keep a fluent session. It is not a stable value, there are peaks when a big image is sent, for example, and valleys when it’s only a plain text. We’ve calculated an average to define an accurate bandwidth range.

Device requirements

The software requires high-end or mid-range mobile phones with the latest iOS and Android versions