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Viewer requirements

The viewer is able to see Broadcast by Whisbi on the vast majority of modern devices and browsers.

Whisbi uses three different protocols for video broadcasting. RTMP for Flash, HLS for mobile devices and MPEG-DASH for browsers that do not have Flash installed, Whisbi will choose the best option depending on the environment of the viewer.

The viewer’s device should have access to the domain * through the ports TCP 80, 443, 1935 (default ports for browsing and real-time video port).

Data usage

In terms of mobile data consumption, the Whisbi One-to-Many stream has a constant utilization of 7 megabytes per minute. To get a rough idea of what it supposes, the Youtube video streaming service, for example, has the following values: 

360p4,40 MB/min
480p7,70 MB/min
720p14,50 MB/min
1080p27,60 MB/min

Viewer software requirements:

Device / OSBrowser
DesktopFirefox 42+
DesktopChrome 30+
DesktopOpera 12+
MacSafari 8+
MacChrome 30+
AndroidFirefox 20+
AndroidChrome 30+
iOSSafari 8+
iOSChrome 30+