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ShowRoom Experience

To add external cameras to your experience:

  1. Your tech department should install the cameras in your showroom, configure them and assign an internal IP.
  2. For users logging into Whisbi via a Desktop device, an android smartphone is also needed to share live video. The smartphone needs to have the “Whisbi Showroom” app installed on the device.
  3. The mobile device needs to have access to the fixed cameras and therefore needs to be connected to the same network.
  4. The mobile device connects with the external cameras based on a special file that is copied to the root folder by the administrator/technician.
  5. You can now share your showroom with your customers! Find out how to start your first session here:

Cameras are not accessible from outside of your network. All communication with the cameras is limited to the app on the device. The device needs to comply with network requirements previously specified in this article

Certified camera models: