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Voice Over IP

The Whisbi system, by default, calls the agents using conventional phone lines, and every agent needs to have a phone number to be contacted. It has several implications like depending on the telephony carrier, with the consequent costs, or having to be in a good coverage area if using a mobile line.

As an alternative, Whisbi also works with the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). There is a Whisbi VoIP gateway able to address the calls to the agents via the Internet. It bridges the customer analogic call with the digital agent call.

There are some network requirements that you need to meet to use the Whisbi voice over IP service:

– Make sure that you can make outgoing traffic through the TCP port 5060 in your network, for the SIP signalling.

– Open a range of UDP ports between the 10000 through 20000, for the RTP audio flows. The larger the pool is, the more simultaneous calls it can handle.

Voice Over IP- Set the phones with static IP addresses. It is optional but recommended, it will make it easy to configure your port forwarding rules.