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Personally Identifiable Information “PII”

Whisbi has a data protection feature that helps you manage sensitive data from your customers. With this functionality, the system will optionally scan all the chat conversations to detect when a customer is sending some sensitive data to the agent and properly mask it before displaying it in the Whisbi Desktop.

You can choose if you want to hide this customer’s PII to the agents or not. 

Chat screen – iOS

There is also the option to minimize what data you collect and store from your customers by activating the option to mask the sensitive data in the chat messages before storing it in the databases.

The data is identified and classified as PII by using several predefined detectors with complex patterns and by even analysing the possible contextual clues. These patterns are continuously evolving and being more effective.

The system is prepared to detect some genetic types of data like credit card numbers, names, dates, email addresses, phone numbers, IBAN codes, etc.

Depending on the country configured in your campaigns, it will also find specific identifier numbers for this country, for example, German passports, Spain driver licenses, US social security numbers, etc.

Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or send an email to to activate any of these features in your campaigns.