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Security Features for Team Members & Administrators

In addition to the work we do at the infrastructure level, we provide to the Administrators of your Whisbi services with additional tools to enable their own users to protect their Customer Data.

Access Logging

Detailed access logs are available to administrators. We log every time an account signs in, noting the type of device used and the IP address of the connection.

Administrators can review consolidated access logs for their whole team. We also make it easy for administrators to remotely manage the users and grant or deny privileges to the users.

Access Policy Authentication

Administrators can require for all users to set up an strong authentication on their accounts. Instructions for doing this are available on our Help Center In the “Access policy and Login history” section.

Data Retention

Owners of Whisbi can define a customized Data retention policy, i.e., data older than the duration you set will be deleted on a scheduled process.

Deletion of Customer Data

In Addition of the data retention policy, Whisbi deletes all the Customer Data at the end of the contract by default, optionally you can contract an extra retention period, maintaining only in our servers statistic information about usage and effectivity. Whisbi services backups are eliminated monthly.

Return of Customer Data

Whisbi offers the option to export the service data from our reports section, additional information can be found at our Help Center.