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Manage Users

As a Whisbi Administrator you can manage the users that can access the Whisbi system.

There are three roles for which you can add users:

  • Presenter (user): A person that can access the Whisbi Application to broadcast One-to-Many sessions
  • Analyst: A person that can access Whisbi Deck to see usage graphs and reports
  • Administrator: A person that can access Whisbi Deck to see usage graphs, reports and edit the service configuration

You can see how many licenses you have by going to Whisbi Deck and from the top right corner hover over your name and click on “Settings“. 

On the left side click on “Manage users” and you’ll be presented with the number of used licenses, users and total licenses as well as the list of users.

In the image above we can see as an example that:

  •  is the number of used licenses by the Presenters (Jane Doe)
  •  is the total number of users
  •  999 is a figurative number of total licenses, however Live Presenters licenses are unlimited for One-To-Many