Manage your Seeds and Widgets

When setting up the service with your Customer Success Manager, during onboarding, the initial configuration of Widgets and Seeds will be defined and implemented.

A seed is a personalized javascript code that your company will place in your website for the following purposes:

  • Launch a Whisbi One-to-Many button that will then allow customers to watch and interact with your broadcast
  • Trace what your web visitors do (i.e.: when the javascript is loaded on the browser, when they click on it and when they interact)

 From Whisbi Deck you can assign properties to your seeds for a better identification in the Whisbi Deck Reports. These properties are:

  • Name
  • Channel
  • Agency

Widgets, on the other hand, are a group of Seeds but also the Whisbi One-to-Many channel your Live Presenters will stream to. Widgets have different configurations that affect each one of their Seeds.

Which teams should be able to broadcast on this Channel

Name for your Widget to be identified

A private description you can customize. This won't appear to customers.

Additionaly, all the seeds within a Widget will share a common interface: colors, texts and other visual elements throughout the experience (floating button and One-to-Many Sidebar).


To view your Wdigets to go to Whisbi Deck and from the top right corner hover over your name and click on "Settings". 

Some description

On the left side click on Account Settings and the the bottom you'll see the list of Widgets. click on the gear icon located on the right side and then "View Widget"

Some description

You can also edit the Seeds under your Widget by clicking on the "Edit" button right next to the seed.

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